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About The Company

We introduce DUSN Lifestyle, DUSN stands for ‘’De United Social Network’’ formed in the year 2016, with a vision to enrich and inspire a positive Lifestyle. We have been started in MALAYSIA and NOW helping members all over Asia in 15 countries (MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, INDIA, INDONESIA, PHILIPHINE, THAILAND, VIETNAM, COMBODIA, NEPAL, MYAMMAR, SRI LANKA, TAIWAN, SOUTH KOREA, LAOS, and CHINA) and today DUSN Lifestyle is growing toward all over the World to the other 6 continents towards the year 2020.

We firmly believe that every human deserves a chance to make something of themselves, by providing them with Opportunities to Educate them and Imparting Good Values and Life Skills to change to Better Lifestyles toward a SMART WORLD, We wish that they would be inspired to pursue their aspirations to Help SHARE with others to Improve in their Lifestyles.

We choose Travel & Tour Concept as our main areas to be a part of our Community Service to Help People all over the WORLD, DUSN Lifestyle created Financial Assistance Fund (FAF) “HELP PROGRAM FUND” providing financial assistance for People become our Affiliate Members with millions of people around the WORLD, who don’t have access to Travel for Holiday because they can’t afford them. DUSN LIFESTYLE believes nothing should stand between you and your Holidays.

The Help Program Fund is an Independent Project of Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) by Company. The program will help the public to create an Opportunity by making a change plan to Travel expenses and deductible in the profit sharing bonuses method.

Helping people to become SMART WORLD Entrepreneurs and Travel in the Smart World.

The Company

Is a company registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia
in the name of DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd, reg. no. is (1206594-XD) and
the DUSN is short form  “De United Social Network”
Established on 25th October 2016 and incorporated on the Company’s 1965s.
DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd operated in address

6-1b, 1st Floor, Bangunan Medan Batu Caves ,
Jalan Medan Batu Caves 1,
68100, Batu Caves

The Philosophy

DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd’s philosophy and motto, which is the direction and goal of DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd. In this challenging era of globalization, DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd has made a significant impact by establishing an Affiliate program that contains 5 phases based on the level in which it encompasses several programs made for all Malaysians in particular and throughout the world generally. This created program provides an unlimited range of multiple source income for anyone involved with this Affiliate program.
With this diversified source of income, DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd believes that the life of anyone involved with this Affiliate program will change and be more secure and improve.
The concept created also gives another opportunity to join the Affiliate program to change their standard of living based on the concept of HELPING EACH OTHER to change the standard of living.
To get a better and more secure life, anyone involved with this Affiliate program needs to start the first step starting today and concept the DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd that is HELPING EACH OTHER it is not yet another empty desire but has been proven and becomes reality affordable.

  • HELPING EACH OTHER to change the standard of living.

  • Generate income through programs created in the form of diversified income sources.

  • Create entrepreneurial opportunities for all involved in this Affiliate program.

  • Assist and work closely with government agencies that are involved with the programs we create.




The Vision of NEW WORLD is the core of our commitment to creating A Better Lifestyle for our Affiliate Member to be educated in the Changing Business World & Toward a Smart Travelling World, through Innovative Networking (Duplication), Social Media and Mathematics in developing an understanding of the latest World Business Trend.
Traditional Business vs Online Business
Taxi Company => Grab, Uber, Ola……
Hotel Booking => Trivago, Traveloka…..
Airline Booking =>,…..
Shopping =>,….
News Paper =>Online Paper……
Advertisement =>Social Media, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.
World a changing from Hard Work to Smart Work and Internet & Social Media so easy, faster and save our time & money in A Changing of the Business and Lifestyle. For this DUSN LIFESTYLE dedicated our Ideas and Online Method of New Technology to Create a New Lifestyle for our Affiliate Members in Smart Travelling, Smart Work Extra Income, Smart Saving & Protection, and Smart Social Lifestyle. We look forward to Helping Members, Help Organization, Help Tourism Industries and Introducing Cross Border World Travelling for people can travel all over the World Easy and Free.

The innovation of our Unique “HELP PROGRAM FUND”
“Rich People Helping Poor People to Travel and Become Rich and Rich People who Help
Become More and More Richer”
DUSN LIFESTYLE create a fund of flow to be used by Affiliate Members and circulate the fund
to be ongoing cash floating from members to members to help all the circle of Affiliate
Members can enjoy traveling and change their lifestyle.

DUSN LIFESTYLE build our own community as DUSN LIFESTYLE Members Database as
Independent Corporate Affiliate Members in the promotion and growth of membership under
Members Introducing Members => Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) referred program
online and networking all over the world under the methods of Cross Border Countries
Our business models will create everybody can travel across to other countries in the world
in a Corporate Rate of Group Travel and enjoy the lower cost of Travelling in the world.
We promote and introduce all our Panel Countries till the year 2019, 14 countries with more than
100,000 members in Asia and we are growing to all over the world to promote Tourism
Industries in all the countries in the world in the year 2019-2020.

  • Building more than one source of income.
  • Easier to create several small income producing streams over one large one.
  • Financial freedom, creating at least one additional stream of income is no longer a luxury. It
    has become a necessity to generate cash flow for everybody.
  • Some may pay you for doing something that you work for(Active Income) smart work.
  • The good news is that it’s not magic. It is even complicated. Creating your next stream of
    income is a simple, step by step process by duplication of yourself as members to your loved
    one family members, relatives, and friends. Smart work bringing income faster than you
    might realize is possible.
  • DUSN LIFESTYLE creates opportunity with the concept of small ideas can bring to you high
    returns and benefits.

DUSN LIFESTYLE create Smart Work Business that it is the 1st method of creating promoting
through the Internet and Networking to promote our membership and all our Affiliate Members
got a choice to travel free and change members lifestyle to be better and the company will
provide all the knowledge and training to improve members lifestyle toward the Changing
*Members must attend company preview minimum one time or read the term and conditions
of the Affiliate Membership in the webpage of DUSN LIFESTYLE ( in
this pamphlets to understand our Mission and Vision to help all our Affiliate Members to be
growth with DUSN LIFESTYLE.
All our members also obligate with all the terms and condition of the company and DUSN
LIFESTYLE got a full response and decision in all the Affiliate Memberships Benefits and

DUSN LIFESTYLE IS the first company in the world that introducing this one of Marketing
part in a big scale involving all members around the world.
Members Get Members Program is a program that does not sell the Product or sells expertise.
The concept of the network is going to go traveling and inviting family members of relatives
and friends they are to travel with them. There is no membership requirement to pay membership
money every month (Maintenance Fee). There is no requirement to bring members
every month to qualify to become a member (monthly quota). Easy terms to become members

Recurring is occurring repeatedly.
In DUSN LIFESTYLE we use this method to make all member get benefit from our program
and it will continuous and undying. it also makes the program run smoothly. without any maintenance
fee, no quota some our member get all benefit from the program.


Master Haikal
Master HaikalMalaysia Team Center Region Master Presenter
Master Haikal is the most outstanding presenter from HQ and also a person in charge of MYCG Club.
Mr. Nambi
Mr. NambiNorthern Regional Director
Mr. Nambi is most Senior Member and also a leader in Nothern Region. His profile is a versatile person and very friendly.

Mr. Christopher Chris is the most Senior Member and also a leader in the Southern Region. His profile is a versatile person and very friendly.

Mr. Vic Codfrey Marcus is the Senior Member in Borneo and also a leader in the Borneo Region. His profile is a versatile person and very friendly.








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