Better Life Tomorrow Starts Today

The Company

Is a company registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia
in the name of DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd, reg. no. is (1206594-XD) and
the DUSN is short form  “De United Social Network”
Established on 25th October 2016 and incorporated on the Company’s 1965s.
DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd operated in address

6-1b, 1st Floor, Bangunan Medan Batu Caves ,
Jalan Medan Batu Caves 1,
68100, Batu Caves

The Philosophy

DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd’s philosophy and motto, which is the direction and goal of DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd. In this challenging era of globalization, DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd has made a significant impact by establishing an Affiliate program that contains 5 phases based on the level in which it encompasses several programs made for all Malaysians in particular and throughout the world generally. This created program provides an unlimited range of multiple source income for anyone involved with this Affiliate program.
With this diversified source of income DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd believes that the life of anyone involved with this Affiliate program will change and be more secure and improve.
The concept created also gives another opportunity to join the Affiliate program to change their standard of living based the concept of HELPING EACH OTHER to change the standard of living.
To get a better and more secure life, anyone involved with this Affiliate program needs to start the first step starting today and concept the DUSN Lifestyle Sdn Bhd that is HELPING EACH OTHER it is not yet another empty desire but has been proven and becomes reality affordable.


  • HELPING EACH OTHER to change the standard of living.
  • Generate income through programs created in the form of diversified income sources.
  • Create entrepreneurial opportunities for all involved in this Affiliate program.
  • Assist and work closely with government agencies that are involved with the programs we create.